So many of our achievements don't seem winnable or possible, until we make them possible. I know Bellingham can do better. I know it's possible to create a Bellingham where we all belong, and I'm ready to get to work on that.         

– Maya Morales

Why I am running

Bellingham is poised for new growth. Our arts & culture, event, food and brewery scenes are thriving after the many hardships that have accompanied the Covid pandemic. New housing, lush green spaces, fun murals, and state funding for safety and services are all coming into focus. Yet, when it comes to the critical budget decisions and priorities that will fund this picture, the fact is; too many are left completely outside of the frame. The struggle to afford rent, food, childcare and transportation costs is all too real for so many of us, and growing numbers of people are wasting away on our streets, without help, sustained care or stable housing.


I'm stepping up to lead because we need electeds with actual lived experience of poverty and precarity who will work to expand the frame, and who listen and understand people's unmet needs. I will champion laws & future-looking policy that will lift more low wealth people into stability, and into leadership. My track record speaks for itself: I will always work to include everyone in the picture.


As your city council member, I will work hard for you – and with you – to create a Bellingham where everyone belongs. We all deserve to live well and thrive in our city.

A Bellingham where everyone belongs looks like...

Note: While housing, creating community safety, and meeting unmet needs may be my top three issues here in terms of urgency, I also recognize that we have to work intersectionally, and that all of these things are interconnected. (Click to enlarge the graphics below.)


501c3/employer disclaimer: Individual endorsements do not reflect position of an individuals' employer or organizational membership.

Eve Smason-Marcus

Senior Director of Advocacy and Communtiy Action at Nortwest Youth Services

Maya is a fierce champion of human rights and has the experience we need on Bellingham City Council. From her work on local initiatives, statewide legislation, and community organizing, Maya has shown that she is committed to co-creating a Bellingham where everyone has what they need to feel safe and flourish.

Jason McGill

Community Advocate
Executive Director, Northwest Youth Services

Excerpt from Jason's letter to community in support of Maya's Candidacy:


"Maya possesses the qualities of leadership, integrity, and empathy that are essential for effective public service. They're a strong advocate for transformative change and are committed to fostering inclusivity, equity, and fairness for all. I wholeheartedly endorse Maya Morales for the at large City Council seat."


Full letter can be read here.

Stephanie Allen

Democratic PCO, Riveters Collective Vice President (Former)

Maya is relentless in her pursuit of what's right, whether for housing justice or for our right to live free from surveillance by big tech and government. All the while, they have an eye to the inclusion of our marginalized neighbors' voices and she is not afraid to challenge the status quo to ensure these voices are being heard. Maya will bring much-needed energy to City Council.

Ian Schaefer Lorenz

UFCW 3000 Union Member

As a low wage worker, a renter, and a union member, I know Maya will center the needs of poor and low wealth people on city council. Maya has the experience, the tenacity, and the knowledge to ensure that Bellingham remains a community for all of us. I could not be more thrilled to endorse!

Josh Cerretti

Educator, Organizer, Union Member

Maya has been a leading organizer for privacy rights in our increasingly surveilled moment, and I've had the privilege to stand with her in support of workers' organizing at multiple job sites across Bellingham. She would be a fierce advocate for marginalized people and provide a fresh voice on city council. We need more elected officials who take their constituents' needs as seriously as Maya Morales does.

Kevin Leja

Business Owner

Bellingham needs a fighter - someone who isn't afraid to speak up, speak out, and challenge unfair aspects of the status quo. Just as importantly, Maya will listen and try to solve problems, not create them. Please give her your vote.