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A note about endorsements: Maya filed late, and in this crowded primary, nearly all local party endorsements had already been quickly offered on a silver platter to the young candidate in the primary who's been the local Democratic party employee and campaign manager for several years out of college. Maya did not even attempt to garner any of those endorsements, choosing to focus on learning how to set up her campaign, how to be a candidate, outlining her platform, continuing their advocacy on the many pressing issues in community, and talking directly with voters.

After working hard on many questionnaires, most unions and endorsing orgs decided to wait until after the primary anyway.

Contrary to the misinfo in Fuse Progressive Voter Guide, uncompetitive endorsements from local individuals and locally based lawmakers given out of easy favoritism are not very meaningful in this primary.

If anything, they are more likely an indication of bias and social inequity within the local Dem party than they are an indication of the candidates' capacity to represent a diversity of people and bring a sharp intersectional lens to local law and policy.

Any first-time candidate who is of color and/or or low-wealth is likely familiar with these dynamics!

Endorsements from indvididuals are also extractive, and Maya's been pretty careful not to run a campaign that sucks energy away from or re-routes funds or donations away from important local organizing and mutual aid efforts.


Cohorts of Support






State Senator Bob Hasegawa (11th LD)



Ian Schaefer Lorenz, UFCW 3000 Union Member

Josh Cerretti, Educator, Organizer, Union Member

Eve Smason-Marcus, Senior Director of Advocacy and Community Action (NWYS)

Kevin Leja,  Business Owner

Jason McGill, Community Advocate, Executive Director of Northwest Youth Services*

*Read Jason's Letter to Community in Support of Maya's Candidacy HERE

Stephanie Allen, Democratic PCO, Riveters Collective Vice President (Former), Librarian!

Would you like to endorse Maya?

This is a people's campaign, and there are literally not enough hours in the day to do all the things! If you'd like to endorse, please don't wait to be reached out to! Fill out this form and help a working class sibling out!